There are few things in life that automatically put a smile on your face, like a lovely cheese plate. But at g.moxie, we have an Arthur! 

You may ask yourself, what is an Arthur? Well for one he is no aardvark, but the keeper of the keys, distributor of toxic farts that smell like the aforementioned cheese plate gone bad, and cause for minor allergic reactions around the office. Arthur is our goofy, lovable, and high five dishing 101 lb. Black Lab, who doubles as our daily reminder that afternoon naps are a great way to re-charge. When he isn't napping around the office and dreaming of dog things (squirrels), he's always on the prowl for treats, as treats make the world go round. So be warned, if you give Arthur a treat, he'll ask for another. If you give him another, he will be your best friend and want belly rubs. If you give him belly rubs, he will not want to go home with his Mom. If he does not go home with his mom, you'll be a dognapper. So don't be a dognapper and only give him one treat if you see him!


Fun fact: Arthur thinks that he's a lap dog.